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With so many options on the strip, you’d think The Margaritaville Las Vegas would try to stand out more than just with their name alone. To begin with, their ambiance and décor leaves much to be desired. My friend and I found it dull and dreary. I don’t know what they were thinking, but a little effort couldn’t hurt.

Cleanliness is a big issue as well, I would not have ordered food and drinks had I gone and seen the restroom first. It’s just disgusting. I don’t care how much I spend when I go out but I expect to at least not come home hoping I didn’t get salmonella poisoning. The food at the Margaritaville Las Vegas tastes pretty gross, like a frozen entrée. Their drinks are watered down or too sugary, and after a few, I just quit ordering.

They have a gigantic sign outside to draw you in but once you are in, the whole experience just makes you want to leave as soon as possible. After a while, I could tell why the place was not busy. You couldn’t pay me to go back to The Margaritaville Las Vegas, it is not what I expected. Wasn’t this restaurant supposed to be fun?

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Everything in Las Vegas is supposed to be fun! I went in for drinks once and they sucked so left shortly after that.


Fun is what you make it.Evidently you went in expecting them to completely entertain you.

If you and your friend needed to be entertained, you must not be very compatible.Most people that are really good friends consider it fun to be with somebody that they can have good conversation with.

to anonymous #736359

Nice. Attacking a person instead of focusing on the issue that they are presenting about a business he or she feels misrepresented themselves is a sign that you have a weak argument against what they are complaining about.

If a place is dirty and the food not all that great, then a patron will be displeased and voice their concerns. A good restaurant is supposed to be conducive to enjoyment (a.k.a "fun") and provide a nice background to conversation. If all they wanted to do is just talk, they didn't have to go there, clearly, however, they chose to go there to add to their experience and The Margaritaville didn't meet their expectations.

If you want to concentrate on personal issues (real or imagined), why not concentrate on your comments? Start by making them about your experience with the product or service a consumer writes in a complaint. :roll

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